I guess I like retro games and music, light horror, monsters, demons, old cartoons, and a little bit more. (x)
💖 2014 - Present 💖
I am about as shy as shy gets, and quiet for the most part, among other things... Please don't feel hurt by it if I don't seem to have much to say, but also, don't let that intimidate you; I do still enjoy trying to get to know people. ❤ Even if a bit slowly.

I'm pretty laid-back otherwise, but the few things I don't tolerate (including bigotry and general douchebaggery), I do not put up with if I don't have to. Life is too short for shit.

Front page image: cover of Jock's Island by Elizabeth Coatsworth

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(NOTE: Most active on FurAffinity/Toyhouse.)